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Mitaki Story

The name Mitaki has very special meaning in Japanese. It is the name of a famous temple, which is located atop Mount Mitaki, one of Japan's most inspiring mountains. "Mitaki" is also translated to mean, "Three waterfalls", alluding to three sacred waterfalls that flow down the mountain and past the temple. for many years, "Mitaki" has held a significant place in Japanese culture, and speaks to a feeling of peace and tranquility.

We chose the name Mitaki because we want our customers to feel a sense of comfort and gratification when they visit our resturants. We want them to know that they are truly welcome and that each of them is a friend to us. We are proud of our delicious food and friendly service and feel that we have created something very special a quick service Japanese restaurant that focuses on freshness and providing value to oour customers. We hope t oshare what we've created with everyone

Please visit us often, bring your friends and family, and experience the joy of Mitaki.

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